Wednesday, January 19, 2011

All around the world and I.I I...


Lookin so hot tamale

Ice Ice you got it baby

NYC at the MET

Ni-Hao do they do it?

Fit for a UK princess
So NYC is all about being CHIC and less is more when it comes to makeup. Being that I'm a "Texas Girl", I'm all about lashes and blending out the eyeshadow. Its funny how with a simple jump of a city, state or block(here in NYC) all that changes. I work on 5thave and  there its all about the thin liner, the barely there lashes and sheer lip gloss. I went down to to midtown area and its all the tourist. From the Russian girls with the metallic lips and frosty eyes. The Latina's with the leopard everything from head to toe with cat liner and big hair, and the U.K and Aussie Chic's with the pink cheeks and pink gloss. The Italian women don't wear much but all you see is fur..everywhere!.. And we cant forget about the Asian girls with there eyeliner and pink eyeshadow for days. Being here has taught me alot about women. Its funny, my girlfriends back home never wanted me to do there makeup. It was all about special occasion makeup. When I decided to up and leave. All of a sudden they have blossomed into makeup gurus themselves. They still call me for advice on a smokey eyes, a new years look and the bridal glow( to usually out shine the bride)(they're all single)..but its showed me alot about myself. That not only am I passionate about makeup and believe in empowering women, but the definition of beauty is different to everyone and every culture. So I have decided that i want to look up all sorts of cultures and races and find what is there look of beauty and try to incorporate that in my every day skill.